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Hey mans,i am Roberta,20age,170C,To give you a comfort. Is it the first time that Yu Le Chang has seen us, and has brought us closer. A pair of amber glamorous eyes.pls call me.

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Chengdou girl

Hey mans,i amRiley,20age,169D,I see you through the lens, gentle and warm colors, like a dream that just woke up in the afternoon. Stretch a lazy effort.pls call me.

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Chengdou girl

Hey mans,i am Clare,20age,168D,The water in the bathtub is kept. It seems that it has been irrigated with ambiguity. Her sexy and barbarous growth. In a round mirror.pls call me.

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Chengdou girl

Hey mans,i am Chloe,20age,169D,Let the sun kiss her skin, this is the summer sun, this is a warm embrace. Full forehead, high nose, rich lips.pls call me.

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Chengdu high class girl

Hey guys,i am Tianna,23 age,173D,i am come from Chongqiong city,i can Wearing a black suit, bright red heels, long hair and waist, like the bloodthirsty elf at midnight. The flames Qiao climbed up her lips, red and delicate flowers, her charm smile, kiss the night,pls call me.

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Hello guys,i am Irene,24 age,166cm,i am come from Hefei city, I do good happy ending massage. Also, I am very safe, clean, disease free and very elegant. Do yourself a favor and give me a call. I will tailor your massage to your specific needs.if you need,pls call me.

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Chengdu outcall girl

Dear gentleman,i am Ada,24 age,165cm,i am come from Suzhou city,out-going,open-minded,passionate and very charming. Let me make you feel absolutely comfortable with my sensual full body massage. My hands will move over your whole body in a very erotic way.pls call me.

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Chengdu outcall girls

Hello guys,i am Cherry,23 age,165cm,i am come from Chongqing,my skin is soft. I live in a healthy style, and regularly go to the gym. This is why you will see a tight, tanned curvy body. Is the best service.if you need,pls call me.

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Hello mans,i am Abby,23 age,167cm,i am come from  Qingdao city,I usually start my sessions with a real deep tissue massage which very gradually becomes more and more sensual,I use a variety of styles of massage to suit the needs of each client,I also specialize in sensual massage, full body massage with olive oil.

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Hello mans,i am Daisy,24 age,169cm,i am come from Changsha city,I am a real sweet ,Independent college student .speak good English,My sensual massage is rather special because I do not just use my hands to make away those aches and pains if you know what I mean.Perhaps you are feeling a little firm right nowand need some fun,that will leave you feeling much more relaxed and ready for sleep without a care in the world.

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